© Peter Kærsaa 2010 SafesoundAudio P1 A decent microphone preamp with a wonderful transparent compressor, limiter, expander and a headphone amp to boot. First time I used the P1 I thought it was broken. I had dialed in a hefty 12db reduction with a 4:1 ratio and I swear I could not hear the compressor. My fault it was just working more transparent than anything I have used. Brauner Phanthera A very clear or direct sounding mic. with some colour. It is supposed to sound more like the tube mics Brauner makes. Nice on vocals but You can use it on a lot of sources as it is very quiet and has a huge output. I my opinion a better mic than the Neumann TLM 49 that is priced an marketed the same way. Shure SM7b One of the most used mics on rock-vocals. I use it primarily on vocals as it has a very low output it is not that versatile. But if You want a first class vocal microphone it is among the best. This mic loves a good tube preamp.  Made with Xara